Our Origins
Thirty years ago, family farms across the country faced complete extinction. While others misplaced blame, faulting the local farmers themselves, the Community Farm Alliance looked to the public policy that fated the farmers to extinction in the first place.

We Are Kentuckians
Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, occupations, and ages – farmers, nurses, artists, retirees – in short, we are Kentuckians. Through community organizing, leadership development, and strategic alliances across organizations, we work to bring a public voice to policy makers.

We believe in the farm as a foundation for growth and stability in Kentucky – across homes, neighborhoods, cities, and counties. We believe in the right to agency in the public policies that shape our economy and culture.

We help people organize to: define the problem, identify barriers and needed resources, and create a plan to make tangible change.

We partner with community leaders on the rise. Our projects build up communities, and they are models for successful public programs and policy. Our strategies are instrumental in legislation in support of Kentucky’s farmers and the communities – both rural and urban – that depend on them.

Join Us!
Become a member today and we’ll work together to protect our local farmers.