The Kentucky Double Dollar Program and Marketing Coordinator is a full-time CFA employee and key member of the staff team responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Kentucky Double Dollar Program (KDD). This position is funded through multiple Federal and private grants.

Kentucky Double Dollars (KDD) is a collaborative project of Community Farm Alliance and Bluegrass Farm to Table. The Kentucky Double Dollars Program builds on successful double dollars program experience by merging Community Farm Alliance’s (CFA) farmers market Double Dollars Program and Bluegrass Farm to Table’s (BGFtT) Bluegrass Double Dollars Program (BGDD). Specifically, Kentucky Double Dollars incentivizes individuals participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to increase the purchase and consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables by incentivizing the purchase of locally-grown fruits and vegetables with point-of-sale “double dollars” incentives at multiple access points across Kentucky, including urban and rural farmers’ markets, Fresh Stop Markets (volunteer, community-driven, sliding scale, farm-fresh food markets that pop up bi-weekly at local churches and community centers in fresh food insecure neighborhoods), and 3 retail sites—2 of which are located in food deserts.

The Kentucky Double Dollars Advisory Council was established in October 2016. This group will provide guidance to CFA, BGFtT, and the Kentucky Double Dollars Program Coordinator as the program expands.

General Responsibilities:

  • Reports regularly to the Executive Director;
  • Fulfills CFA’s general organizing responsibilities;
  • Provides regular communication content via print, web, and social media with CFA’s membership regarding the work of the organization and enhances the quality of the communication systems where possible;
  • Identifies and analyzes agricultural issues that affect Kentucky’s family farmers;
  • Designs and facilitates meetings and workshops of all sizes;
  • Collaborates with CFA’s staff team, CFA members, allied organizations, businesses, community leaders, institutions, policy makers, and the media to advance the mission and goals of CFA;
  • Develops relationships with individuals in both rural and urban communities that result in the recruitment of additional CFA members and the development of new CFA leaders;
  • Assists CFA’s staff team with additional duties including, but not limited to, preparing for the annual membership meeting and fundraising events, mass mailings and office cleaning.

Focused Responsibilities:

The Kentucky Double Dollars Program Coordinator, with direction from the CFA, BGFtT, and the Kentucky Double Dollars Advisory Council, will oversee the implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of the Kentucky Double Dollars program. Specifically, the Program Coordinator will:


  • Facilitates The Kentucky Double Dollars Advisory Council
  • Create and implement effective technical assistance to Kentucky farmers markets.
  • Support, strengthen and connect Kentucky farmers’ markets on local, state and regional levels, including developing regional coalitions, through regular communication content;
  • Develop and maintain strategic partnerships critical to program success;
  • Support overall market development in Kentucky,
  • Develop strategic partnerships in support of CFA’s policy issues
  • Identify and help to develop supportive, related policy development


  • Develop and implement an outreach and marketing strategy to build awareness about Kentucky Double Dollars
  • Conduct outreach to SNAP participants to build awareness of the Kentucky Double Dollars program and farmers markets, educating participants on the program processes as well where to access the program
  • Assist with identifying, attending, and organizing food preparation and other complementary outreach opportunities.
  • Conduct outreach to/trainings with local and statewide stakeholders about KDD (e.g., train state and local Department for Community Based Services staff and other community partners to be ambassadors the program)
  • Work with members of the Advisory Council on education and outreach efforts to help build awareness around the Kentucky Double Dollars Program through social media, websites, community events, and in-store promotional activities, including cooking demonstrations, education activities.

Technical Assistance/Operations

  • Assist KDD markets and retail sites with implementation and marketing of KDD
  • Make regular site visits to each of the participating KDD sites to access and offer assistance related to program components.
  • Serve as liaison between KDD sites, CFA, BGFtT, Advisory Council, and outreach partners
  • Assist with data management from KDD sites
  • Compile reports across KDD sites
  • Manage voucher/token supply for KDD sites
  • Attend relevant education opportunities, such as seminars or workshops, related to local food and Community Farm Alliance and Bluegrass Farm to Table.


  • Assist, as needed, with evaluation activities of KDD in partnership with evaluation partners


  • Identify, organize and oversee opportunities to raise money for the Kentucky Double Dollars Program (e.g., fundraising events, grant writing, etc.)

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Ability to coordinate among multiple stakeholders
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational time management skills
  • Ability to receive direction
  • Passion for health, community, local economies, and local food
  • Personal transportation required

Preferred Skills/Abilities

  • Knowledge of/experience with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Experience with Double Dollars programs
  • Community food work, particularly small or medium sized farms
  • Knowledge of the development of new markets in low-income communities for agricultural producers
  • Computer competence including design and Microsoft Office – thorough
  • Community organizing experience
  • Experience with food/produce
  • Direct marketing of local food

Terms and Benefits

  • 40 hours per week, full-time position.
  • Position is funded for four year(s). Further funding is dependent on securing grant funding.
  • Benefits include:
    • generous medical, dental, vision coverage, as well as short-term disability and life insurance
    • Travel/mileage reimbursement will be reimbursed at $0.54
  • Program Coordinator will be an employee of Community Farm Alliance and will report to Martin Richards, Executive Director of Community Farm Alliance, Ashton Potter Wright, Coordinator of Bluegrass Farm to Table, and the Kentucky Double Dollars Advisory Council, comprised of NGOs, state agencies, farmers’ markets, retailers, funders, and low-income stakeholders.

To apply send resume, cover letter and references to Position open until filled.