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Are we protecting big business interest or are we protecting farm land?

Are we serving speculation of profit or protecting our natural assets?

This proposed constitutionalamendment, one of a series of so-called “Right to Farm” bills, prohibits the General Assembly from passing a law that “unreasonably abridges the right” to engage in the practice of farming, which is defined broadly enough to include factory farms raising livestock under industrial conditions, slaughter facilities and other processors.

There are several dangers with this bill. It would:

  • Prohibit communities from creating laws protecting farms from industries that would devalue land or decrease profit.
  • Restrain any new local ordinances on zoning, nuisance, health or otherwise.

Limit future regulation of wastes, wastewaters and odors from industrial agriculture operations.

ACT NOW! Stop the bill to maintain your democratic rights. 

  1. Find contact info and call your senator immediately.
  2. Tell your senator that you oppose SB 57 due to these concerns.
    Each and every call will be noted.

Additional resources:

LegiScan: Bringing People to the Process
A public service for concerned individuals tracking their home state and Congress.

NPR FarmerMissouri Constitutional Amendment Pits Farmer Against Farmer
(NPR’s Morning Edition, August 2014)
“By leveling the playing field to where these great corporate farms are going to gain more power, it is going to put even more pressure on the traditional family farms,”

Missouri Rural Crisis Center Leads in Fight Against “Right to Farm”
Highlights the issues of democracy (corporations taking over our state constitution and bypassing our democratic process); industrial corporate control of food vs. independent family farm agriculture; and foreign corporations owning Missouri farmland (e.g. Smithfield Foods owned by a multinational Chinese corporation).

Stop SB 57 Flyer (PDF, 72 KB)
Share our outreach materials with your community!

smithfieldVideo: Who’s behind the Chinese takeover of world’s biggest pork producer?
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When Urban Agriculture meets Michigan’s Right to Farm Act: The Pig’s in the Parlor
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