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In an effort to meet every farmers market request and match funding with markets capacity (including a potential increase from 2016), CFA is asking 2017 FMSP applicants to first submit a short “pre-application”. CFA will then be able to work with each market to finalize individual market-tailored funding and program implementation.

Please complete the online pre-application by March 1

Community Farm Alliance’s Kentucky Farmers’ Market Support Program was launched in 2014 and has continued to grow and evolve since then. From its beginning the goal of the FMSP has been to meet every farmers market request of the FMSP services.

In 2016 CFA and Bluegrass Double Dollars collaboratively merged, received Kentucky Agricultural Development funds and submitted a USDA FINI application to double SNAP fruits and vegetables.

In 2017 the FMSP will again offer matching funds for markets to implement or continue a Double Dollar food access program, a Market Manager cost-share to help build markets capacity, and technical assistance for markets to develop their organization and farmers to market their products.

With new USDA FMPP funding and collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, in 2017 the FMSP will be able to expand its technical assistance and initiate a statewide farmers market promotional campaign. Eight markets will also be chosen for a pilot marketing project under a new CFA and KDA/ KY Proud collaboration.

With multiple private, state and federal funding applications pending, the total funds available will be finalized by March 31(for 2017 & 2018!) with the goal of having markets able to launch the 2017 Kentucky Double Dollars program May 1st.

From January 1 to May 1 CFA will be working to integrate these new additions to the program, streamlining the FMSP reporting system and finalizing the 2017 FMSP budget. All of these past efforts are leading up to the creation of a long-term program that Kentucky farmers markets can rely upon for years to come. CFA appreciates the patience and perseverance of those markets that have helped shape this important program.


Kentucky Farmers Markets are an important component of community development. They provide an important gateway to accessing the freshest, most nutritious food, building a local food system, and improving the community economy; and are an opportunity for all members of the community to interact socially and economically. They provide a retail market for small-scale and beginning farmers and can be a food hub for aggregating and distributing to supply restaurants, farm to school programs, institutions, wholesalers and regional distributors – a critical component for farmers to scale up production and profitability.

The mission of Community Farm Alliance’s Farmers Market Support Program is to provide through collaborative resource providers Kentucky Farmers Markets with the tools, resources and network development that enables them to create a profitable market outlet for farmers, access to fresh food to all members of the community, a path to sustainability, and the creation of a grassroots base for public policy that supports local food system development.


Business Development
  • Strategic planning facilitation for organization development and long-term market goals;
  • Governance and management toolkits and training for legal structure options, by-laws, Board and organization policy development, as well as budgets, fee structures, conflict resolution, and development of market management personnel.
Market Development
  • Market vendor training about product presentation and regulations concerning value-added and sampling;
  • Toolkits for publicity and marketing development through advertising, publicity and buy-local campaigns, as well as how to participate in food and nutrition programs.
  • How to build community support through establishing Friends of the Farmers Market.
Capital Support
  • Grant writing training and notification of funding opportunities;
  • A cost-share/match program for market managers;
  • A “ Kentucky Double Dollars” cost-share incentive program for matching SNAP and WIC and Senior benefits.
  • Annual Kentucky Farmers Markets Gathering

Eligible Farmers Markets must:

  • Represent a minimum of 5 Kentucky farmers
  • Market a majority of their products from Kentucky farms within 50 miles
  • If not incorporated, must be actively pursuing a legal organizational structure

For more information or to request an application please contact James Cochran James(AT)cfaky(DOT)org

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Click here to complete the online pre-application

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2017 FMSP Pre-Application in PDF

Please contact our Farmers’ Market Support Program Manager via email with any questions: James (AT) Cfaky (Dot) org

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2017 FMSP Pre-App Announcement