Farm to Table

What is Farm to Table?

The Kentucky Farm to Table Team is working to establish a local food value chain. The goal of this chain is to connect the dots of the local food system between restaurants, institutions, and direct consumers to producers and processors. Through research and relationship building, the program will  map the resources available, build demand and production capacity, and uplift and ignite local food champions across the region.

Community Farm Alliance’s Farm to Table work was created in partnership with the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) to promote and support farm-to-institution in eastern Kentucky. CFA’s farm-to-table program also supports farmers of color statewide.

F2TvalueChain graphic

What are the Farm to Table Priorities?

  • Help producers access new markets
  • Assist in accessing resources, training and knowledge
  • Help farmers desiring to scale up their operations
  • Create new market opportunities (e.g. farmers markets, fresh stop markets, farm to school programs)
  • Develop consumer demand for local foods
  • Develop infrastructure for greater processing, aggregation and distribution capacity
  • Outreach and support for farmers of color
  • Facilitate local farm products in food access supply chains

Who is part of the Farm to Table Team?

Currently, CFA has four dedicated staff people working to create links in the value chain:

Contact Tiffany via
phone 859-684-9138 or
Contact Laurie via
phone 859-428-7961 or
Contact Nia via
phone 937-838-1742 or
Contact Jennifer via
phone 859-652-3403 or