Kentucky Legislation

CFA’s 2020 Kentucky Legislative Agenda


  • Build Support for Healthy Food and CFA to lay groundwork for 2021 efforts to establish a Healthy Farm and Food Incentive Fund.
  • *Farms to Food Banks:  Increase Farms to Food Banks funding to prior level of $600,000.  Extend the sunsetted state income tax credit for farmers who donate to nonprofit feeding programs and increase to 20%.


  • Tobacco Settlement Funding:  Reject attempts to raid the Kentucky Agriculture Development Fund to balance the state budget.
  • *Public Safety Nets:  Oppose harmful changes to Medicaid and SNAP, including but not limited to work requirements, mandatory copayments, and EBT card photo IDs.
  • *Energy Options:  Oppose net metering or related bills that suppress Kentucky’s homegrown solar industry and empower utility monopolies.

* = CFA taking the lead from a partner organization

2020 Non-Legislative State Administrative/Regulatory/Policy Efforts

  • Reinstate the defunct advisory board for the state parks local food purchasing statute to meet current expectations
  • Restore the “pride” in the KY Proud program
  • Research soil health policy opportunities in KY