Kentucky Food Action Network

Our Mission

The Kentucky Food Action Network (KFAN) is a collective of individuals and organizations united under the common purpose of creating accessible and resilient food systems that prioritize the health of Kentuckians and the land across our Commonwealth by nurturing all aspects of Kentucky’s food system, from the producer to the consumer.

Fresh eggs from Hallow Springs Farms in Rockcastle County, KY

Our Goals

  • Form working groups to address broad policy categories and related research such as healthy food access, equity, climate change, farmland access, and others.
  • Identify strengths and gaps in Kentucky’s food system specifically related to food-insecure populations and farming sustainability.
  • Bring together key players to ensure collaboration and the elimination of duplication of services (including both government and charitable anti-hunger efforts).
    public-private partnerships to ensure more Kentuckians have access to the nutrition assistance they need.
  • Develop actionable recommendations to strengthen federal nutrition assistance programs and public-private partnerships to ensure more Kentuckians have access to the nutrition assistance they need.
  • Recommend programs and policies that enhance economic growth through the state’s agriculture industry, while cultivating a safe, healthy and available food supply.
  • Develop and support regional food policy networks and coalitions.
  • Establish a vision and goals by 2022 for achieving a thriving, equitable, and sustainable food economy in Kentucky by 2030.

How We Started

Community Farm Alliance, Feeding Kentucky, Kentucky Equal Justice Center, and the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy have been working together to revive the Kentucky Food Policy Network that existed in 2012-2014. We believe that with deeper engagement from communities and other sectors this network can be a hub for positive change through food policy. Our first virtual Network launch was on November 9, 2020 with over 60 attendees! KFAN is now over 100 members strong and growing!

Ways to Engage

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Biannual Network Meetings occur in the spring and fall of each year, anyone interested in food policy is welcome to join KFAN members for these biannual networking events. These events will include updates from policy work groups, peer to peer learning opportunities, and so much more.

Regional Cohorts are groups of community members and stakeholders living in a close geographic area who share place-based policy issues. Cohorts will focus on information sharing, education and awareness, assessing food systems and building capacity for future organizing efforts

Steering Committee is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to leading the direction of the Network and ensuring equitable participation within all aspects of it. The committee will support work groups and plan the full network meetings.

Policy Work Groups are spaces dedicated to tackling broad food policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels of government. We envision workgroups are where campaigns and coalitions form to tackle various policy initiatives that impact Kentuckians.

Food and Nutrition Assistance Policy Workgroup
Many Kentuckians are simply a lost job, a new baby, an accident or illness away from qualifying from food and nutrition assistance programs. Unfortunately many people still face barriers to accessing these programs. This workgroup will focus on policies to strengthen, defend and expand state and federal public assistance programs, like SNAP or WIC. Contact: Jessica Klein (

Agriculture and Food Systems Policy Workgroup
There is a vast web of laws and policies that impact agriculture and food systems in Kentucky, with many areas needing attention and improvement. This working group will cover topics from the Farm Bill to local zoning laws to farmer support programs. This is a space to collectively work to promote healthy, community-based, and economically viable food systems in Kentucky. Contact: Kimmie Ishmael (

Child Feeding Policy Workgroup
Most child nutrition policies seek to change the ways the eight federal child nutrition programs are administered. These changes, while often small, can have a huge impact on the number of Kentucky kids fed, as well as the quality of the food they’re served. This workgroup will focus on child feeding programs and policies from the federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act to KY’s school lunch, P-EBT and child care nutrition. Contact: Cassidy Wheeler (

Institutional Purchasing

This group is working to show the economic impact of K-12 local food purchasing and make a case for policies to support an increase in K-12 local food purchasing. They are currently conducting a literature review and economic impact analysis, and talking with states who have done this successfully.

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KFAN Staff Contact Information

Tyler Offerman
KY Equal Justice Center

Jessica Klein
KY Policy

Kimmie Ishmael
Community Farm Alliance

Cassidy Wheeler
Feeding Kentucky