Louisville Local Food Partnership Coordinator Job Description


Community Farm Alliance’s Louisville Local Food Partnership Coordinator (LLFPC) is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Partnership for a Greater Louisville Food Council and Food Vision, which is a 2-year planning and design initiative to reevaluate the post-pandemic local food system landscape, create a Greater Louisville Food Council (GLFC), and develop the Louisville Food System Vision 2030.

The goals of the Partnership are to coalesce broad stakeholder buy-in around goals of decreased diet-related health disparities, increased food justice and food security, food system resilience and climate change mitigation, and equity across the Louisville foodshed. Guided by a new Greater Louisville Food Council, Food Vision 2030 will be an multi-year strategic plan that provides a road map for achieving a more equitable and sustainable local-regional food system and which identifies and employs substantial investment of public and private funds to achieve these goals.

The position is grant-funded for two years with potential for further employment.

Strong candidates will demonstrate the following:
• Skill in project management, budget tracking and management, organization, and time management
• Knowledge and passion about food systems, food justice, and racial equity
• People-minded organizing and communication skills that value relationships and trust

Preferred Qualifications:

• Experience working with diverse stakeholders including residents, community leaders, non-and for-profit organizations, and members of city/county government

• Experience incorporating the perspectives of multiple communities, including communities of color, in the consideration of impacts and outcomes of a decision-making process
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and demonstrated ability to communicate with diverse audiences, specifically racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse audiences
• Strong presentation and facilitation skills
• Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize
• Experience or connections to Louisville, KY; particularly areas and communities in Louisville that have been historically disenfranchised
• Must be able to commit to working for CFA for at least two years

General Responsibilities:
• Reports regularly to the Partnership Coordinating Committee (PCC) and CFA Executive Director
• Fulfills organizational reporting requirements
• In collaboration with CFA’s communications staff and responsive to the communications needs of the PCC, Working Groups, and GLFC, maintains an external communications content plan for media, social media, website, print, press conferences, and speaking engagements

Focused Responsibilities:
• Meets regularly with the Partnership Coordinating Committee
• Facilitates and coordinates the activities of the Project Partners and Working Groups
• Provides regular communications to the Working Groups, the GLFC, and wider RFSP partners to keep everyone informed, feeling connected, and inspired
• Coordinates the development of the Greater Louisville Food Council and provides support once established
• Takes lead in organizing Louisville Food Systems Summits in fall 2023 & 2024
• Develops partnerships to support future food system value-chain development for Louisville
• Participates in the Food & Land Policy Working Group to ensure alignment with statewide policy issues, as well as Food In Neighborhoods (FIN) and CFA policy priorities
• Participates in the Kentucky Food Action Network and in FIN meetings with the Center for Health Equity
• Builds relationships and regular communications channels with Louisville Metro Council and/or Mayor’s Office on behalf of FIN
• Builds relationships and regular communication channels with Kentucky’s other local foods coordinators
• Identify and begin to build relationships with Louisville-based, Kentucky and national funders, assisted by Partnership Coordinating Committee and other partners

For information on how to apply, go here.