Mattie Mack Farmer Fund

(*Previously the Kentucky Black Farmer Fund)

The Mattie Mack Farmer Fund supports BIPOC farmers across Kentucky. Read more about the fund below, or click the button on the right to donate.


COVID-19 created opportunities and challenges for all small-scale farmers. For BIPOC farmers, these new demands were piled onto existing challenges, stemming from systemic historical inequities.

Farm Aid offered funds for COVID relief and CFA added funds and facilitated a fundraising campaign to create the Kentucky Black Farmer Fund. This provided additional funds from Just Transition, Foundation for Appalachian Ky, Gates Foundation and Luther Mason memorial.

The name of the fund was changed to the Mattie Mack Farmer Fund in 2023.

Starting with Juneteenth 2023, the Fund advisors aim to raise $30,000 for a new round of support for Kentucky’s farmers of color.


Farm Aid offered funds for Covid relief. CFA added funds as well as a fundraising campaign, funds from Just Transition, Foundation for Appalachian KY, Gates Foundation and Luther Mason memorial. $75,899.75 total

1st Round: 43 farms totaling $31,900

2nd Round: 9 farms totaling $6,750

Total 52 farms in 26 counties across the state

Demographics of Farmer Applicants

Farmer Quotes:

“Thank y’all so much, the check came yesterday and it was right on time. I usually pay 20 to 30 dollars for 1 roll of hay, I don’t know why because it’s not a drought an grass is plentiful, but farmers that are selling hay have double the prices even tripled on some, I buy a 150 rolls every year an I was worried a little but every little bit help an I bought 80 rolls yesterday and feel like I will get through this pandemic, thank y’all again God Bless y’all an stay safe.”

“Thank you for your kind and warm response as well as the financial support.
 I too look forward to our continuing efforts at small-scale production and community involvement. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon and continuing our collaborative efforts.”

Funding Impact Stories:

This is a statement that encapsulates several applicants circumstances: “Covid 19 effected the my community by having empty shelves of the nearest grocery store. We are already in a food insecure community and the strain on the supply chain, put an even deeper strain on this food insecure community. Production needed to be increased to help my community that was in need.”


Starting with Juneteenth 2023, the Fund advisors aim to raise $30,000 for a new round of support for Kentucky’s BIPOC farmers. Applications to the fund will open in the fall.

Eligibility and Application Info

This fund will provide grants to BIPOC farmers in Kentucky. Those eligible to apply must satisfy all of the following:

  • BIPOC-operated, family farms in Kentucky with fewer than ten employees;
  • Farms who are actively part of the local food system, including produce, livestock, edible herbs, honey, maple syrup;
  • Currently farming; and
  • Selling products through local markets (i.e. farmers market, roadside market, Community Supported Agriculture, farm share, local restaurants, etc.)

If you would like to donate to assist with this fund, please click here!

Please contact CFA staff members Tiffany Bellfield El-Amin at and Laurie White at for assistance.