Pathway to Change

CFA’s work is guided by the long-term goals of our Pathway to Change, which include:

  • Family farms and local food are major drivers of equitable economic growth in Kentucky.
  • Kentucky residents and communities are healthy, prosperous, and resilient because we have access to locally grown food and usable land.
  • Kentucky has an organized and diverse family farm, food, and fiber coalition that effectively influences and creates political, social, and economic change

At CFA’s 2016 Annual Meeting, members identified CFA’s 2017 priorities:

  • We recognize that CFA has unintentionally become “unbearably white”, therefore we resolve to build Inclusion with people of color and other disadvantaged populations through direct engagement and grassroots allies.
  • Institute a membership/leadership development program to:
    • Grow CFA’s membership by adding at least 300 new or renewed CFA members.
    • Increase Major donations by $25,000
  • Restore Pride in Kentucky Proud by ensuring Kentucky farm products are the focus of KDA marketing efforts and funding from the KADF.
  • Ensure that Kentucky farmers have access to affordable healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Create a healthy equitable food system for farmers and consumers through the Healthy Communities Initiative, legislatively create aKentucky Healthy Farm and Food Incentive Fund”, and ensure grassroots input into the 2018 Federal Farm Bill.
  • Support the continued development of sustainable agriculture and local food systems through the Farmers Market Support Program, EKY Farm to Table, the Eastern Kentucky Food System Collaborative and The Breaking Beans Food Stories