Farmers Market COVID-19: Best Practices

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Across the Commonwealth, farmers markets are an essential service within many communities like grocery stores and other food retail outlets. They provide direct access to food for community members and a substantial part of the incomes of thousands of Kentucky farmers. As Commissioner Quarles has stated :

Now, more than ever, we need to empower Kentucky’s consumers to choose food produced by Kentucky’s farm families… Because farmers’ markets are retail enterprises that provide agriculturally-produced food products that consumers need, the Governor’s Order does not require you to shut down your farmers’ market.

Kentucky department of agriculture, Commissioner quarles’s letter to farmers markets regarding covid-19. March 19, 2020

GUIDE FOR FARMERS MARKET OPERATIONS IN THE TIME OF COVID-19: This comprehensive guide was created by CFA’s Farmers Market Support Program team to offer guidance to your market for keeping everyone safe and healthy within your market space. This will be regularly updating this manual so please check back to this resource page for the latest information. Also available in a word document. Last update: 4/9/20

Special Directives from the State Of Kentucky

Kentucky Department Of Agriculture (KDA)

KDA: Farmers’ Market

Updates to Farmers Market Nutrition Program:

  • WIC FMNP Trainings: All scheduled trainings for the WIC FMNP have been cancelled. HERE’S a link to the recorded training presentation for the WIC FMNP market managers to view. View the recorded training, and complete your training checklist. Once you have completed your training, you can schedule training(s) with your farmers. For applications and checklists, please contact
  • Senior FMNP Trainings: For two options for training your farmers, click here. Contact for more information.

Pre-Order and On-line Sales Options:

Safely Setting up your Farmers Market

Guidance and Handbooks:

Cleaning and Disinfection:



Examples of social distancing at your farmers market:

Shop on-site, one-touch

Emergency Funding for Farmers Markets

Other Resources for Farmers Markets & COVID-19