Organize for Change

How and Why We Organize

Community Farm Alliance members believe that the people most affected should have a say in addressing their social, economic and environmental problems, which means that good public policies are critical. CFA helps people organize to define the problem, identify barriers, needed resources, create a plan to make change, and build leadership to give a voice and face to the problem.

Transformational, systematic change happens incrementally; it is the result of a long, persistent pursuit of incremental wins that eventually add up to a whole greater than the sum. Successful transformation is implemented by one generation and secured by the next.

From years of experience in community organizing, CFA members know that making real and democratic change is hard work, and takes time and patience. As an organization, CFA works with its members, their communities and CFA’s allies to create real examples of change; identify and support key public policies; and build the new leaders to expand these conversations.


In other words: long-term change begins with constructive grassroots dialogue, is built on successful models, and secured with good public policy. CFA members successfully applied this approach in helping Kentucky create a transition process and supportive policies and programs for tobacco communities under Kentucky HB 611.

CFA uses several strategies to build democracy, create good public policy, and aid community development. Through community organizing, leadership development and strategic alliances with other organizations, CFA works to bring a critical public voice to policy makers. Working locally, CFA also develops community-based projects that directly build communities and can be used as models for good public programs and policy.

At the core of CFA’s work is to create leaders, first in their communities and on their issues, and then before policy makers. The most powerful and effective tool people have are their stories. First and foremost, we listen to people, their problems and their ideas for solutions. Staff and experienced members mentor emerging leaders to craft their stories into succinct, powerful messages, provide opportunities to tell their stories in supportive settings, and then in increasingly conflicted arenas. CFA also provides supportive research for members to back up their stories and solutions.

These strategies have enable CFA members to pass or defeat two dozen pieces of legislation in support of Kentucky’s farmers and the rural and urban communities that depend on them.

Join us! We’re interested in extending our membership, multiplying our successes. Tell us your story and become a part of this one.