Theory of Change

From over 30 years of experience in community organizing, Community Farm Alliance members know that making real and democratic change is hard work, and takes time and patience. An economic and social transition begins with constructive grassroots dialogue, is built on successful models, and secured with good public policy.

CFA uses several strategies to build democracy, create good public policy, and aid community development. Through community organizing, leadership development, and strategic alliances with other organizations, CFA works to bring a critical public voice to policy makers. Working locally, CFA also develops community-based projects that directly build communities and can be used as models for good public programs and policy.

The Voice of Change

The most powerful and effective tool people have are their stories. At the core of CFA’s work is the creation of leaders and their stories, first on their issues in their communities, and then before policy makers. First and foremost, we listen to people, their problems, and their ideas for solutions. Staff and experienced members then mentor emerging leaders to craft their stories into succinct, powerful messages. CFA presents emerging leaders with opportunities to tell their stories first in supportive settings and then in increasingly conflicted arenas.