Farmers Market Support Program

The combined 2023 Kentucky Double Dollars (KDD), Market Manager Cost-Share (MMCS), and the Farmers Market Resiliency Program (FMRP) grant application is now open. Click the button below for more information.

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Kentucky farmers’ markets are an important component of community development, providing an opportunity for all members of the community to interact socially and economically; They are a retail market for small-scale and beginning farmers and are a food hub for aggregating and distributing to supply restaurants, farm to school programs, institutions, wholesalers and regional distributors.


The mission of the FMSP is to provide Kentucky Farmers’ Markets with the tools, resources, and network development that enables them to provide a profitable market outlet for farmers, access to fresh food to all members of the community, a path to sustainability, and the creation of a grassroots base for public policy that supports local food system development.

Through collaborative resource providers, the FMSP will aggregate financial and technical support resources, toolkits, and workshops to create a comprehensive, holistic support system for Kentucky farmers’ markets.

2023 Farmers Market Resiliency Program

The Farmers Market Resiliency Program (FMRP) is a customized training and support program for board members, market managers, and farmers market vendors to increase long-term resiliency at Kentucky farmers market. For more information CLICK HERE.

2023 Market Manager Cost Share Grant Program

In 2023, CFA’s Market Manager Cost-Share Program is transitioned to a model which prioritizes support of food access programs at farmers markets, and funds will now be limited to markets planning to employ a paid market manager to implement or manage Kentucky Double Dollars (KDD) at the market. CFA will provide markets with a 1:1 match up to a max total of $2000 which is reflective of the administrative oversight required for the implementation of each of these programs. Successful applicants will be chosen based on their demonstrated ability to implement KDD programs, including maintaining data collection and reporting requirements, and the ability to provide a community-based match. With this transition to supporting the market’s administration of KDD, there is no longer a three-year limit for MMCS awards.

The grant options available are as follows:

  • SNAP KDD (including SNAP FV & SNAP MED): $1000 max to support KDD admin. for markets participating in SNAP FV, or both SNAP FV & SNAP MED.
  • FMNP KDD (including Senior FMNP & WIC FMNP): $1000 max to support KDD admin. for markets participating in WIC FMNP, Senior FMNP, or both programs.

Not yet ready to participate in KDD? CFA recognizes that it takes time for markets to build the capacity to implement KDD programs and will continue to provide a limited number of markets with a market manager cost-share that falls outside of the above criteria. These markets will be eligible for up to $2,000 in market manager cost-share funds and will be required to match the cost-share $1 for $1. This funding will go towards supporting markets that do not yet implement incentive programs, with the intention that those markets will bring on a KDD program in 2024.

Monthly FMSP Newsletter: Each quarter, the Farmers Market Support Program Team releases a newsletter that covers what’s been happening around local markets, news you can use, and other topics relating to farmers markets and local food. To sign up for the monthly newsletter please email