HB 384: Healthy Farm & Food Innovation Fund

Kentucky Grown in Kentucky Homes

The Healthy Farm and Food Innovation Fund has officially been introduced into the 2023 Kentucky General Assembly! House Bill 384 will build upon Kentucky’s current momentum, creating stability and opportunities for direct farm impact food access programs— such as Kentucky Double Dollars, Farms to Food Banks, and Fresh RX for MOMs—and pave the way for additional new efforts that support the vitality of Kentucky agriculture and the health of Kentuckians. To read the bill in its full context, CLICK HERE.

Now we need YOU! Take 5 minutes to call the legislative message line to leave a message for your state representative! Call 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message. You can leave your own message, but feel free to use the script below. If you need to find your state representative, CLICK HERE

What is The Healthy Farm and Food Innovation Fund Policy Campaign?

This legislation would set aside a small amount of the state’s general funds to be utilized by food access programs using Kentucky grown products to meet federal grant match requirements. 



For every $1 invested in a healthy food incentive we can expect to see up to $3 in economic activity generated as a result.

The Healthy Farm and Food Innovation Fund would create a projected 6:1 ROI (Return on Investment)

The benefits of such a fund would include:

1.) Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables;
2.) Medicaid health care cost savings;
3.) Decreased incidence of preventable diseases;
4.) Increased revenue for Kentucky ‘s small farmers; and
5.) Economic stimulus for local and  regional food system.

Campaign Coordinator Kimmie Ishmael (left) and Northfolk Local Food Coordinator Jennifer Weeber (right) at the 2021 SOAR Conference talking about CFA and our Healthy Farm and Food Campaign


Are you someone who…
•has experienced food insecurity?
•is a farmer?
•is part of a low-income household?
•cares about ending hunger?
•wants to support local farmers?

You can…
•Attend meetings
•Help at events
•Talk to your legislator
•Share on social media
•Be a community ambassador
•Write Op-Eds

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Farmers Karissa Arnold (left) and Ted Johnson (right) testify at a legislative committee hearing with campaign coordinator Kimmie Ishmael (center)

To learn more about this effort or to get involved, contact CFA Policy Campaign Coordinator Kimmie Ishmael at kimberly@cfaky.org.