Jennifer Weeber, Northfork Local Food Coordinator

Contact: Location: Hazard, KY

Jennifer grew up on a small farm where her family raised hogs and corn. In college, she was drawn to social work where she has spent much of her career working on food security and housing issues. She has been involved with the Perry County Farmers Market for several years in various capacities including as a volunteer, vendor, and board member. With CFA, she is putting her experience with program development and operations and her passion for food and equitable access to resources to use in growing the local food system. She has a particular interest in ensuring all community members have access to fresh, local food and all farmers can make a living growing our food. Jennifer lives near Hazard where she enjoys baking, sharing food with others, watching the seasons change on her mountain, and hiking.

Margie Stelzer, Farmers Market Support Program Manager

Contact: Location: Richmond, KY

Margie was the manager of the Berea Farmers Market (BFM) from 2013-2017. A native of St. Louis, MO and graduate of St. Louis University, she has spent many years in health-related fields in Missouri, California, and Kentucky. She sees her role with farmers markets as another phase of that health work. Margie firmly believes that creating safety nets for the most marginalized citizens has positive repercussions for the entire community.  She is excited to be a part of the program that will create greater access of farmers market food to more Kentucky residents.

Nathan Flynn, EKY Farm to Table Coordinator

Contact: Location: Corbin, KY

Nathan Flynn lives in rural Whitley County where he moved 5 years ago from his home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He spent his first summer interning on an organic family farm in Williamsburg, KY, where he fell madly in love with the soil and decided to make Whitley County home. He has since worked with the Whitley County Farmers Market, as a council member 2015-2018 and Manager in 2016. As well as working on the supply chain side of the Whitley County Food System,  Nathan also managed 2 local restaurants, sourcing as many products as he could from local family farmers. Through his time working within the food system and with family farmers, Nathan believes in the positive impact local foods can have on the economic and physical health of a community. He is excited to contribute to CFA. 

Laurie White, Central KY Local Food Coordinator

Contact: Location: Berea, KY

Laurie White left her home state of West Virginia to attend Berea College, where she majored in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Before joining the CFA staff in November, Laurie did a little bit of everything at Lazy Eight Stock Farm, including 4 years of selling for them at the Berea Farmers Market. She is excited about bringing local foods to the forefront of economic development in central Kentucky. Laurie is passionate about farms and good homegrown food. When not farming and working on farm promotion, Laurie is involved in the local folk music and dance community. She lives in Berea with her husband and three kids, who all eat very well.  

Kristen Coomer, Farmers Market Support Program Manager

Contact: Location: Bowling Green, KY

Kristen lives in Franklin, KY and graduated from WKU in 2016 with a degree in  Environmental Studies and Climate Change with a focus on Sustainability. She discovered Community Farm Alliance through volunteer work with the Community Farmers’ Market and has now been with the organization for over three years, most recently moving into the position of Co-Manager of the Farmers Market Support Program. Kristen aspires to use her skills to bring more attention to farmers’ markets and local food systems. She believes each can benefit the health, economy, and fellowship of any community!

Debi Sexton, Appal-TREE Field Director

Contact: Location: Isom, KY

Debi grew up in the small Eastern Kentucky area of Partridge where her parents were avid gardeners who raised much of the family’s food. It was there that her competitive spirit and love of card games began. Around their dinner table, she learned the importance of not only the quality of local foods, but of family, and education. With that love of teaching and learning, she earned a B.S. from Alice Lloyd College, an MA, and other degrees all related to education and administration, from Morehead State University. During her last years of teaching middle school, her classroom was a part of the Go H2O UK Research Project, and upon retirement, she continues that work as the Appal-TREE Field Director for Harlan County. She lives in Isom with her husband. Together they have one son, own and operate local businesses, and collect classic cars. As a family, they enjoy traveling, lake life, theater, and corn hole while carrying on the traditional meetings at the table for food and games.

Brittany Steffey, Food Access Program Director

Contact: Location: Lexington, KY

Brittany grew up in Berea, KY and attended Berea College, where she studied religion and sustainability. Her commitments to food access and supporting farmers brought her to CFA after two years with the Lexington Farmers Market and a number of years teaching and working with other nonprofits. She currently lives in Lexington, KY and spends her free time dancing, cooking, hiking, and growing as many plants as possible on the windowsills of her apartment.

Cathryn Forester, Appal-TREE Field Director

Contact: Location: Harlan, KY

Cathryn was born and raised in the heart of coal country, Harlan, Kentucky, where she adopted a deep love of place and culture. After living in Miami, Florida for nearly 30 years, where she raised a family and became a Licensed Massage Therapist, she finally came home to the mountains she loved with a mission to make a difference in the health and economy of her hometown. Cathryn recently earned a B.S. in Public Health from Kent State University, focusing on health disparities and determinants of health in her own community, and in April of 2018, she joined Community Farm Alliance. In her role as a Field Director for the Appal-TREE Project, she strives to make it easier for community members in her region to make healthy choices, like eating fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. She passionately believes that a healthier population is the key to economic recovery.

Tiffany Bellfield, Food Justice Organizer

Contact: Location: Waco, KY

Tiffany was raised in Waco outside of Richmond, Kentucky where her family raised tobacco and instilled a passion for horticulture. She is a graduate of the National College, obtaining an Associate in Science. Her degree led her to work at a local hospital. During her time there, she decided that the best way she could help her community was to become a local food advocate. She started her advocacy journey by volunteering in local community gardens. Later, Tiffany became part-owner of her childhood family estate and decided to turn it into a space for kids and adults to come and reconnect to the land. She began Ballew Estates, LLC in 2016. Additionally, Tiffany is a dedicated pollinator conservationist, Mother of one daughter, Makayla, homeschool teacher, and community organizer.  

Paula Bates, Appal-TREE Field Director

Contact: Location: Hindman, KY

Paula was born in Auburn, Indiana and lived there with her family until third grade. She and her family returned to Hindman, Kentucky where her family originated. She attended schools in Knott County including Alice Lloyd College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. Later earning a Master of Arts in Elementary Counseling from Morehead State University. During the 27 years of teaching, she created her own small business, This & That Gifts, using artistic skills she picked up since her childhood. After retiring from teaching, she spent time building the small business, trying out different markets. All the while, still wondering what else she could be qualified to do professionally. That led her to Community Farm Alliance to try the world of research in her own community and the schools she attended and worked in.

Shelby Wheeler, Breaking Beans Communications Fellow

Contact: Location: Lexington, KY

Shelby grew up all over the country, but her real raising happened in Anderson County, Tennessee playing in the orchard and cooking in the kitchen with her grandparents. After years of working in restaurant kitchens, she received her BS in Agriculture and Natural Resources from Berea College in 2016. She has worked as everything, from a baker to a teacher and has been involved in the Lexington food scene in one way or another since then. When she’s not collecting stories for Breaking Beans or working her day job, Shelby can be found in her front yard garden, playing in the woods with her pup Roo, or making weird art. 

Martin Richards, Executive Director

Contact: Location: Berea, KY

A graduate of UK’s College of Architecture, Martin has farmed his family’s land in Woodford County, been a partner in Pranja Design/Construction, and most recently was the economic development organizer for Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, working on energy and sustainability issues. Martin has been an active member of CFA since he joined in 1995, serving as the board president in 1998. He was the first CFA Fellow during the passage of HB 611 that created the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund. Martin became the executive director of CFA in November of 2010. 

Lindsey Windland, Development Director

Contact: Location: Berea, KY

Lindsey first learned about CFA during her time as a vendor at the Berea Farmers Market. Her love for food and farming systems of Kentucky and the culture that surrounds them is what brought her to the farmers market; that paired with her love and reverence for community organizing and its potential to create change is what brought her to CFA. She is excited to use her experience and knowledge of both to further CFAs work.  

Maggie Smith, Communications Director

Contact: Location: Berea, KY

Maggie, native to Eastern Kentucky comes from a long line of farmers, gardeners, and cooks. They passed down their love for the land, their passion for people, and their way of connecting the two through food to her. Due to the way she was raised, she always knew she wanted to pursue a career that preserves and educates Kentuckians about local farms and food. She is a graduate of Berea College with a B.S. in Agriculture and Natural Resources with a minor in Appalachian Studies. She is a writer for the Richmond Register, publishing Homegrown Recipes related to cooking with local food and telling stories of her raisings. Currently, she lives in Berea where in her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her dog Chip.

Camille Hyberger, Administrative & Resource Manager

Contact: Location: Berea, KY

Camille holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Berea College. She and her partner reside in Berea with their two dogs and flock of layers. Having worked virtually on all sides of the food system, she has a deep understanding and appreciation for the mission of Community Farm Alliance. Camille owns and operates a small wholesale coffee roasting business, and currently serves on the Berea Farmers Market board. When she is not roasting coffee, she can probably be found wandering the foothills of Berea. 

Kelsey Voit, Organizing Director

Contact: Location: Louisville, KY

Kelsey lives in Louisville and is dedicated to working toward sustainable, equitable, and liberatory communities. Kelsey has worked on several organic vegetable farms and holds a B.S. in Geography and minor in Social Change. She brings her years of community organizing experience to CFA and is excited about building people power to catalyze change in Kentucky agriculture. In her free time, Kelsey likes to ride her bike, make music, cook, and dance with friends.