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Aired: February 3, 2016

Check out the pilot episode of the Breaking Beans Variety Radio Show! In this new format (Breaking Beans stories also come in print and visual formats!), you can hear the voices of the people working in the food and farm sector in Appalachian Kentucky.

In this episode, meet some of the hosts, learn about the Breaking Beans project, and hear some of the Breaking Beans stories and Ethan’s essay on apples.


Pilot radio episode recording session

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The Breaking Beans Variety Radio Show airs on 88.7 WMMT (online too!) the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm featuring stories, interviews, recipes, and news from the food and farming worlds in the Appalachian region!

Hosted by Breaking Beans Fellow Sister Kathy Curtis.




Breaking Beans: The Appalachian Food Story Project is an initiative of Community Farm Alliance to tell the story of how local food and farming in Eastern Kentucky can contribute to a bright future in the mountains. Eastern Kentucky is at the point where it can foster a food system that is equitable and accessible to all, provides fresh nutritious food, and serves as an economic generator that builds community wealth. With a rich history of food and farming, stories of how Eastern Kentucky is already growing in that direction – and the challenges along the way – are important for informing people and policy alike.